Will Japanese Nissan Leaf features blow to other shores?

As reported over @ Inside Ev’s and other blogs, there are some cool new features announced in Japan for the leaf.   Leather seats, new trim, remote open of charge port, etc.   I think one of the best is now is it appears that range is reported in State of Charge Percentage like EV folks have been asking for since the beginning.  This gives you a much more accurate idea for the driver as to how much range they have left.  We are all used to doing this with our laptops and other devices.  Let’s hope this will be part of the new US and other countries features as well.

Wireless charging for your Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt. Is it worth it?

You can have wireless charging in your garage.  You can see it here: http://www.pluglesspower.com/

It’s cool I guess, but based on reports installation is over $4,000.  I can get an EVSE installed by my electrician for less than $1300.00 now and that should drop quickly.  Is it really that hard get out of your car and plug in?  Also it’s the same 240 Volt power anyway.  Why do i need this again? J1772 EVSE(charging station) units are very simple and should be under $500.00 in just a couple years.   Maybe someone out there can explain the magical benefits other than not touching a cord?