Nissan Leaf Wireless Charging and Parking Assist

The folks over @ Green Car Reports got a chance to check out the Wireless charging Nissan is working on with parking assist. Check out their great video report below.  Ok, it’s kinda cool, but isn’t it way less time and complication to simply take 3 seconds to plug in and probably way less cost? Who wants to futz around with lining up the car perfectly? merges with has merged with to provide information about charging stations and electric vehicles. Visit to join other drivers in finding, updating and helping each other keep up to date information on charging stations, RV campgrounds and other charging locations for your Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, Ranger Ev, Rav4 Ev, ford Focus Ev and many more to come.  Also we provide some technical information for the new charging technologies like J1772, Chademo and the new SAE Quick charge standard.  Here at we’ll now continue to provide information on nissan and the nissan leaf, but much more.