Electric Cars – Silent killers?

Should electric cars and hybrids be required at slow speed to have extra noise added?  Most of the cars out there already have something in anticipation of this.  On the Nissan Leaf you can choose to turn it off…. for now.  This is a very interesting subject brought up by Jim Motavalli.   Beyond the fact of whether it’s really needed or not, it’s complicated to implement at it’s actually unclear if doing so may introduce other problems.  The law of unintended consequences in this case may indeed apply.

One of the best parts of electric cars are the quiet operation.  Talk to any potential buyer and this is one of the most mentioned pluses.  Legislation for mandating certain noises is something that has been brewing for a while and as noted by Jim he found is it’s more complex than just adding some noise.  Sounds can be different on a quiet street vs NYC, etc.  Something not noted in the article is at slow speeds an luxury ICE sedan car is nearly as quiet as an electric car unless your really revving up and after 12 mph tire noise is all the same anyway.  Yet, there is no proposed legislation for all those silent but deadly ICE cars :)

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