Is Costco finally installing J1772 charging stations?

In the EV world there has been quite a bit of discussion regarding Costco stores in California ripping out their old charging stations.  Unbelievably they were doing this in spite of the fact that they could have had their stations upgraded for very minimal cost from a grant.  Instead Costco in most cases not only ripped out the charging stations, but even poured cement down the conduit so in many cases if they are going to install updated stations it’s going to be from scratch.
Here is an article from Green Car Reports from back in 2011 talking about this a little:

So interestingly over on CarStations a user who stopped by the Simi Valley Costco store went in and asked about the old stations here.  See the latest comments:

They were told that the store was getting some new J1772 stations?  Maybe we’ll find out more soon.



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